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Stephen Grove BVSc MRCVS

 Steve is very much an adventurer at heart, and when he is not in the clinic he can be found wandering the hills of Wales, exploring the tarns of the Lake district or Scaling up rock and ice faces in Scotland. He is also a keen sailor, having competed in many a sailing race. Whilst in the clinic, his area of interest lies in orthopaedics.


Sarah Grove BVSc MRCVS


 Sarah enjoys soft tissue surgery and acupuncture whilst at the clinic. In her time off, she enjoys walking with her 3 dogs, Phoebe the Cavapoo, Olga the Borzoi and Connie the Irish Wolfhound.  She also enjoys visiting her son in London  and catching a show in the West End with her friends.

Alice Grove BSc DVM MRCVS

 Alice spends her time looking after her menagerie of animals! 2 horses, 2 cats and 9 dogs keep her very busy! She can be found enjoying the beach with husband Tom and their pack of dogs, Albert, Tallulah, Blossom, Zebedee, Arrietty, Lottie, Fergus, Roux and Polly. On cold and wet days, she likes to curl up on the sofa in front of the fire  with the dogs. When in the clinic, she has a keen interest in internal medicine.

alice and tom.jpg

Terri Horsley RVN


Terri loves working with us so much, that she commutes to us every day from LLangollen! On her days off she can be found kayaking down the River Dee to the nearest country pub or trekking the hills around her home with her husband Chris and 2 dogs, Tess and Fern. She also loves driving up to the Outer Hebrides in her campervan to "get away from it all" and sit by the campfire drinking beer and eating marshmallows! 

Julie Sutton

 Julie is our wonderful receptionist and has been a valued member of our team for over 20 years! Julie loves her garden and spends many an hour exploring garden centres for interesting plants and tending to seedlings in her greenhouse. When she isn't in her garden, she can be found walking the pathways of Cheshire with her Husband Ian and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Holly. On the odd Summer evening, she can be found next to her chimenea with a glass of Gin and Tonic!


Sam Hamilton SVN


 Sam was originally trained as a human nurse but has recently enrolled on a Veterinary Nursing Diploma course, despite working with us for 10 years!  She and husband Nigel have 2 gorgeous children and 2 equally gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Poppy and Benji.   In her limited spare time, she enjoys cruising the local canals with her husband, walking with her family and keeping her inquisitive kids entertained!

Jeanny Vincent

Jeanny moved to the UK from Colombia, where she lived on a farm and loved to ride her horses.  Now, her and husband Noel have 3 beautiful Children and spend their days off taking them on adventures.  She also enjoys going to the gym, playing ladies football for a team and making cocktails!


Sue Firman


Sue recently joined us as a receptionist having spent many years working with horses. She is already proving to be a success with clients and pets alike! Horses and animals still play an important role in her life as she loves to walk with her rescue dog Goose.  When she does have some spare time she is also a reflexology practitioner.

Practice Pets!

We couldn't have a page about our team without introducing you to our gorgeous animals!

poppy and willow.jpg

Willow and Poppy, Sam's dogs.  Both are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and are both rescues.  Willow suffered a brain injury at birth and Poppy only has 3 legs! Sadly Willow is no longer with us but Poppy lives the life of riley with Sam!

image0 (12).jpeg

This is beautiful Tess, Terri's cavalier. Tess can be found in Terri's campervan going on lots of lovely camping holidays!


Fern, Terri's Springer Spaniel, a bundle of fun and energy, and a complete change of pace from the Cavaliers!


This is Sarah's Borzoi, Olga. She can occasionally be seen when she is at the clinic, when she has escaped and rushed through to the reception for a Pigs ear!


This is Jeanny's very energetic Cocker Spaniel Lola. Lola loves walking and playing with Jeanny's kids!

image0 (13).jpeg

These are Alice's horses, Snowy, Atticus and Pingu.  They lead a very happy life, now that they are all retired!


These are Julie's dogs, Holly and the late Lexie.  Holly lives as a queen going on lovely walks in the Cheshire countryside.

These are 4 of Alice's dogs, Zebedee, Tallulah, Blossom and Albert.  Zebedee and Tallulah came over from Budapest as rescues and Blossom came into the surgery to be euthanised after her owner died and Alice offered to rehome her!

This is Arrietty, she is Alice's Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund. She is adorable but very naughty!


This Annie and her foal Solo, 2 of Sarah's Donkeys. 

unnamed (1).jpg

This Cheeky face is Nancy, one of Sarah's Donkeys.


This is Sam's new puppy Benji, who, as you can see, is a very adorable Tri colour cavalier!  He is a bundle of energy and is certainly testing his boundaries with Poppy!

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